Wednesday, July 9, 2014

T-Boned and then royally screwed over by Triston Miller at Bumper Doc.

So, I went online and found some reviews for a company that called itself "BumperDoc" and run by a guy named "Triston Miller."  Perhaps they should call themselves "bumbling loss" instead...

The reviews averaged over 4 stars.  There were over a hundred reviews.

I thought by checking this thing that I was doing my homework.  It turns out instead that they had a groupon-like event just before that where people with minor damage to their vehicles could get small repairs for next-to-nothing.  Obviously, these simpletons would be happy and leave the company many 5 star reviews, majorly inflating their review statistics.   This, unfortunately, tells nothing in regards to advanced repairs requiring thousands of dollars such as mine.

My insurance company literally cut them checks totalling over $4,200. Straight from the claim on my insurance company's website itself:

Claim #: 13-XXXXXXXX

Repair Facility Bumper Doc
Inspection 09/10/2013
Repairs Started 10/09/2013
Completion Date 10/09/2013

Collision Payment Details
Payment to                 Type                     Date                       Amount
[ME] AND BUMPER DOC, ONLY Full 09/20/2013 $4113.69
BUMPER DOC, ONLY Supplemental 10/10/2013 $150.00
BUMPER DOC, ONLY Supplemental 10/10/2013 $150.00

(The supplemental $150 payment was apparently due to parts being lost during the repairs!)

AND, I also paid bumble loss $350: 10-09 POS Debit Visa Check Card XXXX 10-08-13 Bumper Doc San Diego CA 350.00-

I drove the car all the way back out to them and asked them to fix it.  They kept it another week but didn't fix it.   They didn't even make all of the agreed upon repairs in the first place.  I brought it to them again and they made me wait in their lobby for over an hour.

I have since paid over $1,000 to another shop to make repairs to Bumper Doc's malpractice.   This still has not repaired everything.   I was forced to involve the California BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repairs).  They took literally hundreds of photographs and found in my favor.

The new body shop found hidden DAMAGE "CAUSED BY [BUMPERDOC]."  My insurance company confirmed this.  When I contacted BumperDoc in an attempt to make myself whole, the owner (Triston Miller) became extremely threatening towards me in response.  He told me that he "will not except [sic] responsibility on your wiring harness."   His spelling makes me wonder if he even has his G.E.D.  He then told me that I "will lose in court" and that he "will then have a lawsuit for harassment,my time and cost heading your way. There will be NO insurance claim." He tried to scare me off by listing some law firm I've never heard of and telling me to forward all correspondence there.

Subsequently he threatens to "sueing" [sic] me for slander [spoken falsities resulting in damages] despite the fact that I have never spoken anything about his business and everything that has been written is true and factual and I can back it all up as you can see from the above.  Does anybody need to see the paid checks proving the above?  I am in the process of getting them now.

Thank you for your concern and appreciation of an uncensored true experience as stated above.

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  1. PROOF that this review is legitimate:
    Cashed checks for thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$.