Saturday, April 18, 2015

Evil merchant

So, I do not feel bad AT ALL about the actions I am set to take against BumperDoc Bumper Doc, a company which Tristan Miller is "CEO" of.

I gave them the estimate of another auto body shop, they said they could beat it. They ended up charging more than the other auto body shop. Then it turns out they didn't even perform the most significant of the repairs. Then Tristan Miller has the gall to threaten me for trying to resolve the situation. If I ever find the time to post that email, I will. When I show up to court against him, he was cocky and extremely rude. He made things up and stated them to the court as if they were fact. Afterwards, he laughed and said, "Looks like you lost your case, hahaha!" He was obviously wrong about me losing my case. Anyhow, he was a jerk, thru and thru. The fact that he HID the damage and it cost me well over $100 for a different professional to discover it made things even worse. The threats, lies, cockiness and ignorance compounded everything greatly. I'm going to enjoy collecting on my judgment against his pathetic little excuse for a company. I'm going to print up some professional signs first and picket on the public sidewalk outside of his business first though...

Perhaps something like:

"Dishonest Bumper Doc
Refuses to pay
court ordered judgment"

On one sign.

"Bumper Doc
Damaged my car
And covered it up"

on my wife's sign.

Then I will call the press and news channels, have my friends take plenty of pix to post and do this regularly until he just can't take it anymore and pays up...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

He hasn't paid up yet...

So it's time to force him to by filing for a garnishment!! ;)

Yes folks, judgment issued against Bumper Doc aka BumperDoc Inc that Tristan Miller owns and he has failed to pay even after two months have passed and I asked him nicely to pay it.

So, I can (and may) picket his business or perhaps just get a writ of execution or garnishment or something. I'm not sure yet but I definitely need the money ASAP...